The Wippler Family’s Intimate In-Home Session

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January 29, 2024

Natalie + John Wippler live about two hours from me. We have worked together once before, this summer when Natalie was pregnant with their her baby, Billie. I was so stoked to be able to come to their home and document this season of their life with their babies.

Family session are amazing. I haven’t always been great at them and my biggest advice is to take it slow and shoot everything. Let the kids have their stuffy, let them eat the lollypop during the session, let them keep the Bluey bandaid on their toe! Its authentic! And its SO precious.

It’s something you’ll always want to remember!

During family sessions, I always tell parents, “Its okay, this is real life.” Because for some reason, we tend to think kids will be 100% orderly in front of the camera, which to our surprise, is usually never true. Let them giggle, let me dance, let them do silly faces to the camera. Take breaks! Who says we have to finish in under an hour? To get authentic results you have to slow down. Ask the kiddos questions! Tell them about your puppy or about your favorite stuffy! Most of all, be patient and art will follow!

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