William + Audrey’s Intimate Spring Elopement in Milos, Greece

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June 20, 2024

If you recall a previous blog post, William and Audrey got married on January 1, 2024 in Rosemary Beach, FL. Their elopement took place in Milos, Greece, and I was lucky enough to come along and document it!

Audrey, as a photographer herself, and William had planned every minute of the day out for us to make sure we used our time (and the sunlight) to the best of our ability, since we would be driving all over the island.

We started at their Airbnb — the most stunning studio over looking the Aegean Sea. As the pair got ready for their special day, I began with details. A creative warm-up, if you will. Audrey brought so many goodies for me to play with and shoot, all so sentimental.

We headed straight to Firopotamos, an old fishing village on Milos. This was the only part of the day where the sun made its appearance. We took full advantage! We took our time exploring. I tried to trail behind Audrey and William to document their day organically as it unfolded. From there, we bounced around and made our way to the top of Plaka Castle the Venetian Castle of Milos. The climb up was not so bad (or would not have been so bad if I was not in my first trimester of my first pregnancy.) It was all worth it! The view of the island from the very top was insane but the wind was brutal! Some of my favorite photos of the day are here!

We ended the elopement at Sarakiniko Beach. Audrey and William said their vows in a nook of the rocks so they could hear each other away from the wind. After their vows, the couple decided to take a dip in the water! Their intimate spring elopement in Milos, Greece ended in the most epic way. Best part of the day! This was so fun to watch and document.

I also shot Super 8 and it is a joy to shoot. My best friend, Allie Jo helped shoot Super 8 and film! You can take a look at that video here.

All in all, I am so honored to have been able to document this day. I will never get over it!

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